Dicumyl peroxide (DCP)

Dicumyl peroxide (DCP)




Dicumyl peroxide (DCP), CAS-No. 80-43-3过氧化二异丙苯(DCP)   C18H22O2= 270.38


II:Safety Data
Flash point (open-cup)........................127 ℃
Self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT)......................91 ℃
United Nations number...........................3110
China's dangerous chemicals number.....................52030


III: Main Technical Parameters

White dimond-shaped crystal
Content(% wt)
Melting point(℃)
Total volatile matter(% wt)
Melting colority (Pt-Co)


IV: Property
This product is white dimond-shaped crystal. It is insoluble in water; soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene, isopropyl benzene and other organic solvents. Its specific gravity is 1.048, and it will sublimate under the high vacuum. In theory, active oxygen content is 5.92%, and its decomposition temperature is 90℃.
Half-life period: 1 minute under 178 ℃; 1 hour under 137 ℃; 10 hours under 117 ℃.


V: Applications
DCP, as an excellent organic peroxide, is mainly used as the crosslinking agents of PE, EVA resins; the vulcanizing agent of EPDM, natural rubber, nitrile rubber; the initiating agent of polymerization reaction; the curing agent of unsaturated polyester; and the conditioning agent in polypropylene melt index, etc. It is widely used in wires and cable, EPS, shoemaking, fire retardant paint and other industries.

VI: Packing, storage, and transportation
(1)The internal packing of this product is PE plastic bags, and the net weight of each bag is 5 kg. The external packing is corrugated paper, and the net weight of each carton is 20 kg.

(2)The storage temperature: below 30 ℃.

(3)In the transportation, the exposure to strong sunlight and rain should be avoided;

(4)Protect it from heat, strong acid, and reducing agents in storage and transportation.

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